Circle the Circles Dribbling Drill

The following dribbling drill reinforce several key components to successful ball-handling: eyes up, dribbler's body between defender and ball, and keeping the ball wide when dribbling.

Circle Dribble Chase Game

Circle Dribble Chase is a fun drill for youth players that combine passing, dribbling, and competition.  Place cones or chairs around the outside to form a big circle. 

Receiving a Pass

Coaches often assume that all players can catch a basketball.  However, many youth players have difficulty with this skill. Here are the critical points that will help players learn to catch a pass:

Jump Stop Drill

The jump stop or 2-foot jump stop is used to help players stop in a balanced position, with the ball, and help prevent a traveling violation.  It can be executed by a player at the end of a dribble or, on the run and receiving a pass.  

Cat and Mouse

This is an excellent movement game that will help the athletes improve their change of direction, speed and reactive ability. As well it is a very enjoyable game for kids to play, as evidenced by Senior National Team players, Teresa Gabriele and Sheila Townsend.

Communication in Practice

A section in the Basketball Skills and Drills for Younger Players DVD Volume 3 discusses coaching legend, John Wooden's communication during his practices.  A study done said that 94% of his communication was "positive and encouraging" and only 6% was negative.