Teaching the 3 Man Weave

One of the most popular drills in basketball is the 3 Player Weave.  It is a common warm-up drill because it employs the skills of running, passing, and catching with lay-ups. 

"Pass and Go Behind"

Here is a very good passing drill for youth players. In the "Pass and Go Behind" drill coaches should emphasize players having target hands up "with 10 fingers to the sky" with the body in a good athletic stance. 

Teaching Change of Pace - "Stay with the Dribbler Drill"

Young players have the tendency to play at one speed and use very little deception in trying to get separation from a defender. The ability to change pace is very valuable for ball-handlers. 


Teaching-Learning Tactics 2 on 2

Basketball has an inordinate number of skills, tactics and strategies which players must learn.  However, the challenge for youth coaches is to keep this process, and the game, simple.  The coach must understand what the children are capable of learning and performing.

Changing Pace - "Zones"

Coaches know the value of being able to change pace but young kids really only know one speed: fast.  This drill works on teaching the kids to move at different speeds.


Movement Game - "Land, Sea, Air"

"Land, Sea, Air" is a fun warm-up activity that will help develop young athlete's listening skills as well their lower body strength and balance.