Knee Tag

As well as being fun Knee Tag has tremendous benefits for athletes of all levels. Athletes will pair up and begin in a good athletic stance. 

Duck Under

This is a fun drill for kids; it helps develop change of direction skill and a sense of timing. 

Horns Flare to Diagonal Back Screen

This Horns set combines a diagonal back screen with a screen the screener action. 

Dribbling-"Skill Analysis"

It is important that youth coaches provide opportunities for their players to play but they must also give them the chance to improve. This is done through the use of repetition but in many cases repetition, without instruction, will in fact simply reinforce poor technique.

The Athletic Stance-"Don't Tell Them to Bend Their Knees"

It is difficult to be successful in sport without a proper athletic stance or posture.  By nature, most sports require movement; this movement begins from an 'athletic stance."  And while we would like every young athlete be able to naturally assume a proper athletic stance, the reality is that some kids are not blessed with natural "athleticism" and do not automatically "get into stance." 

Building the Athletic House-"Stack the Cones Relay"

We hope coaches take the approach that they are going to help each of their players become better athletes and help build their "athletic house."  Agility and quickness are key qualities in athletes; here is an excellent relay that can help to improve the athleticism of your players.

Stack the Cones Relay:

Divide your team into 3 groups of 4 and have the groups start on the baseline.