Youth Dev. - Dodge and Steal Game

Two things youth coaches must always do in each practice are: 1) work on the ABC'S of Athleticism (Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed) and 2) use games to learn tactics, work on skills, and improve their kid's athleticism. 

Recovery Drinks - "Got Milk!"

Here is an article from the Youth Basketball Medicine blog which is promoted to improve the health, fitness and performance of young basketball players. The site can be found at (

"Ankle Sprains, I Repeat, Ankle Sprains"

Probably the most common injury among basketball players is the dreaded "ankle sprain".  But because it happens so frequently we don't usually take the proper measures to treat it. 

Single Leg Jousting

Single leg jousting is a fun activity for kids and helps develop balance.

Stay in Front Game

As has been discussed many times in this section of the Coaches Clipboard, it is important for Steve Nash Youth League coaches to spend time in every practice improving the athleticism and movement skills of the children under their supervision.  Five to ten minutes in each practice should be dedicated to helping your young players become better athletes and to move more efficiently.  Tag games and relays are excellent ways to get a variety of movement skills.  The "Stay in Front" game is another very simple game that has a number of benefits for young players. 

Fugitive Tag

At the youth level warm-up often should be in the form of some type of pursuit or tag game.  Speed expert, Lee Taft, said "tag is the greatest developer of movement skills" and should be used frequently with kids.  Tag games are enjoyable for kids and will provide opportunities to develop and enhance their movement skills.