Youth Dev. - Red Light-Green Light

Coach, do you spend time in every practice working on the ABC'S of Physical Literacy?  

"Coaching Your First Game" by Mike McNeill

Each year there are many people who will be coaching a basketball game for the first time.  It can be a very overwhelming situation; many things can occupy your consciousness; referees, parents, minor officials, opposing coach, opposition's players, and, most importantly, your players. 


Many coaches in the Steve Nash Leagues have not played basketball and do not feel comfortable demonstrating skills.  What do you do if you cannot demonstrate the skill? 

"Don't Interrupt Them!"

While touring this summer in Spain I had the opportunity to watch several youth games during quarter time and time-outs of a tournament the Canadian Senior Women's National Team was participating in. 

Early Specialization - It is Not Necessarily Good

How soon do kids need to start playing basketball if they are to reach their maximum potential?  The answer is explained in the Long-Term Athlete Development Resource Paper.

First Practice - Establish the Environment!

The first practice of a new season provides all coaches the opportunity to establish an environment conducive to learning.