Speed Work and Listening Skills-Get Ups

Most kids, when part of a large group, will simply react to the group. When instructed to do something individuals will follow what the group does, instead of focusing on the instructions.

"Hot Knife Through Butter"

Typically young players, when they are dribbling the ball up court, will slow down and turn their back as they get close to the defender. Instead what they should attempt to do is to go faster as they get closer to the defender.

Dribbling-How to Practice

One of the fundamental skills of basketball is dribbling the ball. Having a team of players who are all capable of dribbling the basketball is a luxury few teams have.

Pass and Slide Relay

This is a good drill for young athletes because it incorporates a fundamental movement skill with passing. 

"No Stance, No Chance" - The Proper Defensive Stance

A proper defensive stance lays the foundation for movement.  Being in a proper defensive stance ensures proper angles at the ankles, knees and hips to enable the athlete to generate more a powerful push off. 

Youth Development - Sharks and Minnows

It is important that youth coaches incorporate agility training into their basketball practice on a regular basis. This can be easily done through pursuit or tag games done early in the practice session.