Youth-Read the Defence-Pass & Cut

Coaches should introduce the concept of reading defenders early in player's development.  For players to be successful they must be aware of how they are being played when they are away from the ball.

Youth-Point Per Pass Basketball Game

This is a strategy you may want to use with your youth teams if you find the players are passing and standing. 

Changing Pace to Get Separation

One of major flaws in many young players when handling the basketball is the inability to slow down.

Hot Potato

Here is a great youth game from Canada Basketball's Mike MacKay that initially begins very simply but can be progressed to increase the skill and conceptual development.  The games approach makes it more enjoyable for the kids and keeps the enthusiasm high.

Youth - Eyes Up Shooting Drill

Here are two simple shooting drills that can be included in a warm-up and will help players to keep their eyes up and be aware. 

Decision-Making - 3 on 2 vs. Coach and 1

This is a more advanced decision-making scenario because there is much more for the offensive players to perceive.