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Teaching Decision-Making

For success in basketball, players must be astute "decision-makers."  Istvan Balyi, a co-author of the Long Term Athlete Development Resource Paper, ( recommends that youth players are introduced to decision-making between the ages of 8-11. 

Palms to the Ball Drill

It is important that players learn to show their "palms to the ball" when catching a pass. This drill has a myriad of fundamentals incorporated in it, but

Shooting-Learning to Hold the Basketball

The following is an excellent technique for teaching young players how to hold the basketball for their shot. Place the basketball on the floor just in front of the player. The player should form their hands like cups and then create the correct intersection with their thumbs as shown in the picture.

Communication Passing Drill

This drill is taken from the New Zealand Coaching Resource. The purpose is to get kids to communicate with each other in a fun drill. The drill also forces kids to multi-task because they will have to move, talk, and pass the ball.

Four Corners Game

Here is a fun dribbling game for the younger Steve Nash Youth League players that works on speed dribbling and their listening skills.

Coaching 6-8 Year Olds

Several of the Steve Nash Leagues around British Columbia have added younger players to their organizations.  With the younger players there are greater challenges for coaches to ensure the players are having fun and at the same time improving their athletic abilities and skills.  Here are some tips for coaching 6-8 year olds from a Basketball New Zealand publication: