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The Athletic Stance-"Don't Tell Them to Bend Their Knees"

It is difficult to be successful in sport without a proper athletic stance or posture.  By nature, most sports require movement; this movement begins from an 'athletic stance."  And while we would like every young athlete be able to naturally assume a proper athletic stance, the reality is that some kids are not blessed with natural "athleticism" and do not automatically "get into stance." 

Teaching-Learning Tactics 2 on 2

Basketball has an inordinate number of skills, tactics and strategies which players must learn.  However, the challenge for youth coaches is to keep this process, and the game, simple.  The coach must understand what the children are capable of learning and performing.

Changing Pace - "Zones"

Coaches know the value of being able to change pace but young kids really only know one speed: fast.  This drill works on teaching the kids to move at different speeds.


Receiving a Pass

Coaches often assume that all players can catch a basketball.  However, many youth players have difficulty with this skill. Here are the critical points that will help players learn to catch a pass:

Communication in Practice

A section in the Basketball Skills and Drills for Younger Players DVD Volume 3 discusses coaching legend, John Wooden's communication during his practices.  A study done said that 94% of his communication was "positive and encouraging" and only 6% was negative.

Communication-"Talk in Bullets"

Coaches should use catch phrases or bullets to emphasize and describe important points of skills.  Bullets are short, descriptive phrases that make sense to players.