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"No Stance, No Chance" - The Proper Defensive Stance

A proper defensive stance lays the foundation for movement.  Being in a proper defensive stance ensures proper angles at the ankles, knees and hips to enable the athlete to generate more a powerful push off. 


Many coaches in the Steve Nash Leagues have not played basketball and do not feel comfortable demonstrating skills.  What do you do if you cannot demonstrate the skill? 

Early Specialization - It is Not Necessarily Good

How soon do kids need to start playing basketball if they are to reach their maximum potential?  The answer is explained in the Long-Term Athlete Development Resource Paper.

First Practice - Establish the Environment!

The first practice of a new season provides all coaches the opportunity to establish an environment conducive to learning. 

Youth Dev. - Dodge and Steal Game

Two things youth coaches must always do in each practice are: 1) work on the ABC'S of Athleticism (Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed) and 2) use games to learn tactics, work on skills, and improve their kid's athleticism. 

Dribbling-"Skill Analysis"

It is important that youth coaches provide opportunities for their players to play but they must also give them the chance to improve. This is done through the use of repetition but in many cases repetition, without instruction, will in fact simply reinforce poor technique.