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Youth-Teaching Players to Shift Weight

Youth coaches must dedicate time in each practice helping their players become better athletes. An example would be spending time teaching your young players to shift their weight during dribble moves.

10 Things for a Youth Coach to Consider

Here is a great list for all youth coaches to reflect on:

Teaching and Expectations-Excellent Example

There is brilliance in brevity.  Most coaches at some time are guilty of talking too much, of trying to explain every aspect of a skill, of teaching every detail of a play, to the point of where they lose the concentration of their players.

Youth Dev-Cutting Principle-"Cut to the Basket"

Young players often make a fundamental mistake when cutting by not going all the way to the basket.

Motion-Why Back Screens Should be the First Screening Action You Teach

All coaches who try to improve their player's understanding and development in basketball eventually must introduce screening off the ball. But which screen should be taught first? 

Inbounding Game 3 on 3

At younger levels inbounding the basketball from both the sideline and baseline will occur frequently and can be challenging.