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Youth Dev.-Establishing Discipline

Discipline is often a challenge at the youth level, but it must be done if the athletes are going to be able to practice in a proper learning environment.

Youth Dev.-Teaching Your Players to Read the Defence

Basketball can be a very complicated game, particularly for players just learning to play.  Teaching players to 'read the defence' will make the game easier for the players because they will develop anticipatory skills rather than simply reacting.

Youth Development-Improving Passing

Dan Becker, Basketball Manitoba's Technical Director, shared a simple rule he has instituted to improve passing with his Gr. 4-6 basketball players.

Youth-Transition-'Run Wings Wide'

All team grades 4-7 should be encouraged to execute fast break basketball. But to successfully fast break a critical concept that should be taught early is for players to run the two outside lanes of the floor wide.

Games Approach vs. Traditional Approach to Teaching Basketball

The "traditional approach" to teaching basketball to our young players is to:

Every Youth Practice Should Include...

The most important element for the development of quality basketball players is quality practices. At the youth level there are five things that should be included in every practice to help ensure enjoyment of the game and future success.