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Here is a fun drill to improve player's hand quickness.

Defensive Stance-Point Hand Down

In an ideal situation when a defender is sliding with ball-handler, the lead hand (the hand on the side the ball-handler is going) should be up and the other hand, the point hand, should be down discouraging the crossover dribble.

Youth-Transition-'Run Wings Wide'

All team grades 4-7 should be encouraged to execute fast break basketball. But to successfully fast break a critical concept that should be taught early is for players to run the two outside lanes of the floor wide.

Saving the Ball

We want our players to retain their intensity throughout the entire game but intensity and effort without smart principles of play can come back and hurt a team. One situation where intelligence must win out is saving the basketball from going out of bounds.

Youth-Alternate Dribbling & Speed Dribble Game

The fastest way to speed dribble, when their is no defender in front of them, is to alternate the dribbling hands (left to right or right left) so players take as few dribbles as possible when dribbling up the court. Watch this clip

2 on 2 Spanish Closeout Drill

A closeout is one of the most difficult skills in basketball. This drill gives the opportunity for players to get practice closing out under game-like conditions.