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Combo Drill-3 on 3 Back to Back

Here is another good combo drill from Renato Pasquali, Technical Director for Canada Basketball.

Youth Dev.-3 Player Cutting Drill

Passing and cutting are foundations of offensive play. In youth basketball, the combination of the passer cutting, immediately after passing, should be a staple of all youth offences.

Youth Dev.-Toss, Sweep & Read

Here is another great drill from Renato Pasquali, Canada Basketball's Technical Director. 

2 on 2 vs. Closeout

Here is a great multi-purpose drill that works on closeouts, attacking closeouts and playing off penetration.

Youth Dev - Baseball

Following a "Games Approach", "Baseball" is a fun game for kids to play and work on several basketball skills.  One team is designated the fielding team and the second team is at bat.  The coach will be the pitcher.

Latvian 1 on 1 Drill

It is important to help players develop an "attack mentality."  Unfortunately many youth players have a tendency to turn their backs as soon as they meet resistance or take the "path of least resistance" and try to circle around the defender.