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Transition Offence-When does it begin?

When does the fast break begin? Many people will say it begins when the defensive team gets a rebound, recovers a loose ball, or steals the ball. Instead it begins when

Transition-5 Down 3 on 2 Back

"5 Down-3 on 2 Back" is a very simple transition drill that adds speed work to practice.  Five players start along the baseline with the ball in the middle.

Youth-Read the Defence-Pass & Cut

Coaches should introduce the concept of reading defenders early in player's development.  For players to be successful they must be aware of how they are being played when they are away from the ball.

4 vs. 5 Disadvantage Drill

This is a great defensive transition drill. Teams can work on their defensive transition scheme in a controlled fashion and will be forced to communicate because the defenders will be in a numerical disadvantage.

Reading the Offensive Player

Effective team defense begins by being in the proper position on the floor.  The first step, to be in proper position, is for defenders to see both the ball and the offensive player he/she is defending.

Dribble at to Stack

The most popular alignment to transition into is the 4 Out - 1 In.  The first post down the floor runs to the front of the rim attempting to put immediate pressure on the defence.