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Transition Defence-Floor Balance is Key

Watching these clips of the Indiana Pacers and the Portland Trailblazers giving up fast break lay-ups and it is very clear that poor floor balance leads to poor transition defence.  

Defence-Transition Communication

This clip shows why teams are often successful in their transition defence and why teams often give up an open shot.

Defence-6 vs. 4 Rotation Drill

This is a great drill to work on defensive rotations and attacking penetration.

Advantage Transition Drill

Here is a good drill to work on both offensive and defensive transition, the offensive players will always have a numerical advantage and the defenders are always at a numerical disadvantage.

Transition-2 on 1's-Key Teaching Points

Coaches should teach players the only acceptable shot in a 2 on 1 in transition is a lay-up. If executed properly it is next to impossible for the single defender to stop the 2 on 1;


Youth Dev-Cutting Principle-"Cut to the Basket"

Young players often make a fundamental mistake when cutting by not going all the way to the basket.