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Offensive Stratagies

Offensive Stratagies

Motion-Why Back Screens Should be the First Screening Action You Teach

All coaches who try to improve their player's understanding and development in basketball eventually must introduce screening off the ball. But which screen should be taught first? 

Post Play-The Back Down Game

A back down is when a player catches the ball off the lane, turns his/her back to the defender, looks over the inside shoulder and begins to dribble towards the middle of the lane with a crab dribble, looking to make a play.

Getting Open on Your Own

This is an area that is overlooked in teaching basketball but is absolutely vital to a team's offensive success. When playing against teams that put great denial pressure and do not allow entry passes players must have techniques or tactics to get open.

Double Screen vs. Full Court Pressure

Using a double screen the Russian team used a simple entry vs. full court man to man pressure to inbound the ball.

"Rotate Up" on Penetration

Watch the video clip and notice how the wing defender helps "down hill" (moves down towards the baseline) on the penetration from the top.

Youth-Point Per Pass Basketball Game

This is a strategy you may want to use with your youth teams if you find the players are passing and standing.