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Offensive Stratagies

Offensive Stratagies

Defending Flare Screens

A flare screen, where the screener has his/her back to the corner, can be extremely effective to free up a great shooter, particularly if the defender screened does not know the screen is coming. 

Princeton-Dribble Up to Chin Phase

As stated in this article ( the Chin Cut is one of the staples of the Princeton Offence.  The diagrams and video clip show another way a team can flow into the Chin phase again, with the use of the "dribble up".

Continuous Back Screen Offence

This is an introductory 4 Out-1 In Motion offence which could be used by Gr. 8 & Jr. teams, that have a good fundamental base, as well as senior high school teams.

BLOB-Subtleties of the Lob

Because of the physical nature of the game officials allow post players to bump into each other when they are near the basket. But it is the smart post player who knows how to take advantage of this contact.

Princeton-Chin Cut to Drift Screen

One of the staples of the Princeton Offence is the "chin cut" where the weak-side guard cuts off a back screen from the high post at the weak-side elbow. 

Princeton-Wings Out

The Princeton Offence is a 4 Out 1 In offence with is a number of actions and phases that will flow from to another. One of the popular entry actions is called "Wings Out".