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Offensive Stratagies

Offensive Stratagies

The Anatomy of a Time-Out

Here are some ideas to ensure you are using your time-outs to maximize their value to your team.

Motion-Curling the Down Screen

Cutters coming off down screens must not only read their defender but, more importantly, must read the screener's defender. Watch these two clips and notice the different ways the screener's defender played the action.

Early Offence-Guard to Post Back Screen

One of the more popular early offence actions is a "guard to post back screen", after ball reversal. The Australian Women's Olympic team give a great example of this action in their game against France during the London Games.

Getting Open-The Lockdown

One of the more important offensive concepts players need to execute is timing.

Saving the Ball

We want our players to retain their intensity throughout the entire game but intensity and effort without smart principles of play can come back and hurt a team. One situation where intelligence must win out is saving the basketball from going out of bounds.

Post Play - The Duck-In

When the ball is between the lane lines, and near the top of the key, any player positioned on the edge of the lane should be prepared to step into the lane and get position on their defender. This movement into the lane is called a duck-in.