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Offensive Stratagies

Offensive Stratagies

Motion-'Screen Your Own' vs. Switching

Whether your team runs motion or set plays the concept of 'screening your own' will be valuable when facing teams that use switching as a defensive tactic.

Attacking Full-Court 1 on 1 Denial

Many teams that play full-court pressure defence will take the inbounder's defender off the ball and have him/her deny the player receiving the inbounds pass.

Youth-Transition-3 on 0 Transition

3 on 0 Transition is an incredibly simple drill that helps to develop two important concepts for young players to understand: 1) run the wings wide and 2) pass the ball ahead to open teammates. 

Free Throw-Offensive Rebounding

There are situations at the end of the game when teams need to miss an free throw and secure the offensive rebound. Below are examples strategies that may work.

Pick & Roll Offence-Iverson to Middle

Middle pick and roll action is very difficult to defend because it is often difficult for the defenders to determine where to bring their help from when the ball is in the middle of the floor.  Here is a quick hitting, P&R set from the NY Knicks.

Motion-Fade the Down Screen

Whether teams run a motion offence, floppy action, or just include down screens in their sets, players using the screen need to learn to read their defender to make the action effective.