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Offensive Stratagies

Offensive Stratagies

Decision Making - Toss Drills

Canada Basketball's Mike MacKay has a series of drills he calls "Toss Drills" which can be used to help players develop their offensive decision-making skills.

Offensive Concept-Spacing

Crisp ball movement can be difficult at all levels but at the youth level it is especially challenging because of poor skills and a lack of strength. 

2 Man V-Cut Drill

Here is a good drill to help young athletes with their timing, cutting, passing and lay-up skills.  Have 4-5 players per basket with two basketballs for the group.

Outnumbered Games

Games in which the offensive players outnumber the defensive players are usually very good for youth players.  In youth basketball the defence is usually ahead of the offence. 

5 Player Weave vs. Transition Defence

This is good drill to teach numerical advantage situations in transition and to practice defensive play in disadvantage situations.

2 Ball Chase

2 Ball Chase is a fun ball-handling drill that can be used as warm-up drill.  There are several benefits of the drill: