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Offensive Stratagies

Offensive Stratagies

Wing Ball Screen

Whether it is against a 2-3 or 1-2-2 zone this set can be effective because of the ball screen and pin screen that are used.



This set can flow from a 4 out alignment in transition. O1 passes to O2 at the wing and runs off a high post screen from O5. O2 must look to see if O1 is open for a lay-up coming off O5's screen. O4 fills into the guard position vacated by O1.


Here is an effective backdoor play against a team that attempts to deny wing entry passes. 

Zipper Flare

The following set play takes advantage of a quality point guard.

Middle Ball Screens

Ball screens in the middle of the floor can be very effective against zone defences because, like good ball movement and screening action, they can force defenders out of their area of coverage. In these video clips Butler University makes great use of the ball screen at the top.

Post Entry-Weak side Down Screen

In many situations weak-side defenders are easily screened.  Most weak-side defenders will be in an open position with their back to the baseline so they can see both the ball and the player they are defending.