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Offensive Stratagies

Offensive Stratagies


Here is a simple SLOB, beginning with a give and go opportunity. 


The most important aspect of out-of-bounds plays is be able to get the ball in play.  This set could be used at the end of the game to ensure your team gets the ball in-bounds.

Shot Fake at the End of a Drive

Many players effectively use shot fakes on the catch to force the defender to rise up out of their stance or to influence a defender to close out poorly and then attack them. 

Step Backs

As defensive play becomes more physical and ball pressure increases players must learn to create space with their dribble. One of most common techniques used is the step back move.

Drawing Fouls

One of the easiest places to score points in basketball is from the foul line. To get to the foul line consistently players must have an aggressive mentality and the ability to draw contact. The attached clips show two ways in which can players draw fouls and earn a trip to the free throw line.

Mini Games: Practicing End of Quarter and Game Situations

When you consider that a high percentage of games are decided by 3 or less points it should be obvious that short shot clock, end of quarter, and end of game situations can be critical to a team's success.  Each possession of the game is important and coaches at higher levels of play should take time each practice to prepare their team for these situations, particularly as the season winds down.