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Offensive Stratagies

Offensive Stratagies

Reverse or Inside Pivot

Effective 1 on 1 play, whether it is on the perimeter or in the post, begins with great footwork. The reverse pivot is used, in most cases, to create space.

1 on 1 Spinouts

The drill begins with the two players standing side by side underneath the basket. 

Crossover to Runner

An outstanding example of a crossover dribble followed by a runner is executed by Marquette University's Dominic James in the attached video clip.

The Easy Way to Teach Basketball Offence

Don Kelbick is a contributing editor and consultant for BreakThrough Basketball. 


This out of bounds play has many scoring options.  Initially O4 and O5 line up in a stack with O3 in the middle of the lane.


If your point guard is your best player you want to keep the ball in his/her hands as much as possible. "13" is a good example of an end-line out of bounds play that puts the ball in the point guards hands.