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Offensive Stratagies

Offensive Stratagies

Post Play-Positioning

Positioning is the key for post players, yet too often inexperienced players look to receive a pass before they establish position against a defender.  

The Angled Pick & Roll

The 'angled' pick and roll is evidenced by the screener stepping out beyond the 3 pt. line and outside the edge of the lane.  

Post Play-2 on 2 Tight

This is one my favourite drills. 2 on 2 Tight helps develop the ability to finish, sealing up vs. a rotating defender, passing in tight spaces and rebounding in traffic.

Pick & Roll Offence-Drag Screen

One of the most effective times to set an on-ball screen is in transition; called a 'drag screen'. This article give several examples of its effectiveness.

Shooting-Step Back to Shot

As defensive ability and intensity increases players offensive players need to develop the ability to create space to get their shot away. The step back move is a skill that most good players use get away from their defender and then raise up into their shot.

Pick & Roll Offence-Slipping the Screen

To take advantage of defenders who over commit, by hedging too early or to high on ball screens, the screeners must be taught when to 'slip' the screen.