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Single Leg Jousting

Single leg jousting is a fun activity for kids and helps develop balance.

Single Leg Drills

Balance is a critical aspect of building the athletic base which is often neglected, yet it can be very easily included in the beginning of the practice session. 

Have the athletes spread out on the floor facing the coach. The coach then guides the players through a variety of movements which will continually challenge their balance.  Movements may include the following:

Balance Games

According to Joseph Drabik, author of Children and Sports Training, the "sensitive period" to develop balance is 10-11 for boys, and 9-10 for girls, and balance is fully developed between 12-14 years of age.  Below are two simple balance drills, from Mike MacKay, Manager of Coach Education and Development for Canada Basketball that can be incorporated into warm-up.

The Athletic Stance-"Don't Tell Them to Bend Their Knees"

It is difficult to be successful in sport without a proper athletic stance or posture.  By nature, most sports require movement; this movement begins from an 'athletic stance."  And while we would like every young athlete be able to naturally assume a proper athletic stance, the reality is that some kids are not blessed with natural "athleticism" and do not automatically "get into stance." 

Balance Training-"Knock Down"

We hope coaches take the approach that they are going to help each of their players become better athletes and help build their "athletic house."  Balance and the athletic stance are important attributes for players to develop.  "Knock down" is a simple, fun game that helps develop both balance, a proper athletic stance as well as improving core and shoulder strength in athletes.

Maravich Drills

Basketball Hall of Fame member, the late Pete Maravich was taught this group of ball-handling drills by his father Press.  Known as the "Maravich Drills", these are a fun way for kids to become more familiar with the ball and improve their coordination, hand quickness and dribbling ability.