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First Big Drill

Here is a drill from UBC Head Coach, Kevin Hanson, which focuses on the post players running the floor.  First Big Drill uses four players, two post players and two perimeter players, and requires these players to make two trips of the floor.

X Tennis Ball Catches

This is a fun and very challenging drill to help improve your player's coordination and hand quickness.  The player will get into a good athletic stance and hold a tennis ball in each hand at waist level. 

Agility Run - Top to Top

This is an excellent drill for basketball players because it works on reaction time, shorts bursts of speed, and quick changes of direction.

Top to Top with Turn

This is a simple drill to work on speed and agility. To set up the drill place cones across from each other near the top of the key at both ends of the floor. Line up 3-6 players across the middle of the court.