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Building the Athletic House-Slap the Net

We hope coaches take the approach that they are going to help each of their players become better athletes and help build their "athletic house." 

Slap the Net:

Slap the Net can be used as a warm-up and is a good activity to help develop coordination, lay-up footwork, and strength. 

Team Box Tag

Here is a fun tag game that will help develop player's agility and also help them understand the critical concept of spacing.

Football Game

Basketball Football is a great game to work on the player's ability to pass the ball.  To set up the field of play place two cones across from each other at each end to serve as the goal line.

Triangle Footwork

Youth coaches must always spend time each practice working on their player's ABC'S (agility, balance, coordination, speed). This is a simple drill to work on the speed component using defensive sliding, sprinting and backpedaling. The drill can be competitive by matching players up against each other or just work on the footwork.  

The first players in each line will place their inside foot on the lane line.  On the command "go!" each player slides towards the corner. 

1 on 1 Touch the Cone Drills

The ability to play effective 1 on 1 offence can be very difficult for young players.  The athlete requires an effective level of quickness and agility because he/she will have to get into an opening quickly and then must have the ability to change direction if the path is taken away. 

Chase the Rabbit

Youth coaches must devote some time every practice to building the athletic ability of their players. "Chase the Rabbit" helps develop player's speed and agility in an enjoyable way.