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Single Leg Drills

Balance is a critical aspect of building the athletic base which is often neglected, yet it can be very easily included in the beginning of the practice session. 

Have the athletes spread out on the floor facing the coach. The coach then guides the players through a variety of movements which will continually challenge their balance.  Movements may include the following:

Agility Ladder Drills

Agility ladders are excellent tools to help teach speed, agility and coordination, however few coaches have access to them.  But most gyms have agility ladders painted on their floor: badminton courts.  Use the doubles alley on a badminton court as your agility ladder. 

"Deke" Drill

Former Canadian Women's National Team Coach and present coach of the University of Oregon, Bev Smith used this with her youth teams when she coached in Italy.  The "Deke Drill" helps to teach young athlete evasive moves and help in developing their agility and speed. 

Duck Under

This is a fun drill for kids; it helps develop change of direction skill and a sense of timing. 

Chase the Tail

This is a fun, movement game that will help develop the agility of your athletes.  To play the game, divide your team into groups of four. 

Teaching the 3 Man Weave

One of the most popular drills in basketball is the 3 Player Weave.  It is a common warm-up drill because it employs the skills of running, passing, and catching with lay-ups.