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Underhand Lay-ups

Recently I heard a player state their coach did not want his players taking an underhand lay-up because it was a "hot dog" play, only used to look good.  On the contrary, an underhand lay-up is a necessity for a player who is going full speed and attempting to score a lay-up.

Pick-up and Chase

Most young athletes love pursuit games. "Pick-up and Chase" helps young athletes work on their speed, while dribbling and shooting lay-ups. It also can help them realize the benefits of faking.

Circle Lay-up Drill

"Circle lay-ups" is a simple drill to get a high volume of lay-ups in a short amount of time. It would serve as a great warm-up drill in practice.

Step Up

 Here is a simple skill that is often overlooked but results in missed lay-up opportunities when players cut across the lane.

Scoring Move-Spin

The spin is very effective when the post player is being tightly guarded or against a physical post defender. 

Scoring Move-Double Pivot

The double pivot begins with the player's back to a defender. The player pivots ½-way, shot fakes and then steps further away from the defender to get the shot away. It is effective because the move exploits the tendency of most defenders to rise up or jump on the shot fake. The keys points on the double pivot: