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Post Play

Post Play

Circle 1 on 1

Here is a great 1 on 1 game for post players.  A coach is positioned at the wing with a ball.

Double Flare to Iverson

This quick hitter has opportunities for post ups and perimeter shots for various players depending on the play of the defenders. 


Positioning-Foot Fight

All the post moves in the world cannot help the post player who does not establish position to receive a pass.  A critical fundamental used to establish position in the post is the "foot fight". 

Positioning-Swim Move

When the ball is at the top or on the opposite side of the floor post players should face the middle of the floor or the lane rather than have their back to the basket. 

Scoring Move-Power Move

With all post moves the player must:

Back Screen Lob

Lob or "alley-oop" plays either come off back cuts or back screens.  This one comes off a back screen at the high post with the back side of the court emptied.  "Back screen lob" is very simple and only involves one screen and two passes.