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Post Play

Post Play

Post Play-Positioning

Positioning is the key for post players, yet too often inexperienced players look to receive a pass before they establish position against a defender.  

Post Play-2 on 2 Tight

This is one my favourite drills. 2 on 2 Tight helps develop the ability to finish, sealing up vs. a rotating defender, passing in tight spaces and rebounding in traffic.

1 on 1 Play-Sealing Up

Teaching this technique may get players 1-2 extra baskets a game.  

BLOB-Subtleties of the Lob

Because of the physical nature of the game officials allow post players to bump into each other when they are near the basket. But it is the smart post player who knows how to take advantage of this contact.

Pass Out/Re-Post

Most coaches spend some time making passes into the post but how many have the posts pass the ball back out and then re-post.  

Post Play-Get Position Before Possession

Here are a couple of great drills SFU Women's Coach, Bruce Langford, showed at a recent Basketball BC Pre-Season Clinic.