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Quick Hitter-Bulls

This is a quick hitter the Canadian Women's National Team ran for a 3 pt. shot against both zone and man to man and is an extremely effective play if you have a good passing point guard.

Decision-Making - 3 on 2 vs. Coach and 1

This is a more advanced decision-making scenario because there is much more for the offensive players to perceive.

Maravich Drill-Single Leg Circles

Here is another Maravich drill to help improve the coordination and hand speed of young athletes.  Players assume a lunge position and will circle the basketball as quickly as they can around the shin of leg extended forward. 

2 on 2 Blockout

This is a drill from Tod Kowalczyk, Head Coach at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  He calls this drill the foundation of his program.  It is a high intensity rebounding drill.

Triangle Screening Rebounding Drill

This is a very game-like rebounding drill.  It is a 3 vs. 3 drill with two coaches, one on each wing.  Defenders must defend screening action and then block out on the shot.

Back Screen Lob

Lob or "alley-oop" plays either come off back cuts or back screens.  This one comes off a back screen at the high post with the back side of the court emptied.  "Back screen lob" is very simple and only involves one screen and two passes.