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Rebounding-Two 2 on 2 Rebounding Drills

When a shot goes up defenders must either block out or pursue the rebound immediately, doing neither is not an option. Here are two challenging rebounding drills that require great effort and intensity.

Saving the Ball

We want our players to retain their intensity throughout the entire game but intensity and effort without smart principles of play can come back and hurt a team. One situation where intelligence must win out is saving the basketball from going out of bounds.

Combo Drill-90 in 3

90 in 3 is a passing, lay-up, and conditioning drill. The objective is to make 90 lay-ups is 3 minutes (goal will have to be adjusted for the level of play). Three balls are used in the drill.

Youth Dev.- Free Throw Rebounding

At times coaches overlook some of the very basic tactics that are regularly required in basketball. One area in basketball that is often overlooked is blocking out during free throws.

Single Leg Drills

Balance is a critical aspect of building the athletic base which is often neglected, yet it can be very easily included in the beginning of the practice session. 

Have the athletes spread out on the floor facing the coach. The coach then guides the players through a variety of movements which will continually challenge their balance.  Movements may include the following:

Lateral Change of Direction

The ability to change direction quickly is crucial to basketball success, and like shooting, passing, or dribbling it is a skill that must be taught. The key to changing direction quickly is quick deceleration.  Proper deceleration technique will put the athlete in a position to not only stop quickly, without risk of injury, but also allow them to re-accelerate in another direction.