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Program Development

Youth Dev-Transition-3 on 0 Run the Circle

As discussed in the article Youth Development-Transition-'Run the Wings Wide' (http://bit.ly/12PS58I) it is important for coaches to teach the 


Program Development-Being a Good Teammate

I always find it unusual that at high school games we see very little physical contact between teammates.

Transition-2 on 1's-Key Teaching Points

Coaches should teach players the only acceptable shot in a 2 on 1 in transition is a lay-up. If executed properly it is next to impossible for the single defender to stop the 2 on 1;


Motion-Why Back Screens Should be the First Screening Action You Teach

All coaches who try to improve their player's understanding and development in basketball eventually must introduce screening off the ball. But which screen should be taught first? 

Movement Skills Warm-up Using a Square Grid

Youth coaches should be spending about 10 minutes of each 1 hour practice on helping their athletes develop their movement skills, the children need to be trained as athletes first and basketball players second.  By enhancing the children's athleticism we have a significantly better chance to help them develop their basketball skills.

Screening Concept-1st Cutter/2nd Cutter

Almost all offences and set plays have screening as an integral part of the action. Therefore, if players are going to be effective offensively they must learn how to both set and read screens.