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Practice Ideas

Practice Ideas

Practice Strategy-Turnover Cards

Many coaches have used "Turnover Cards" (or something similar) to bring awareness to their players about turnovers.

2 on 2 Defence Off Reversal

2 on 2 Off Reversal is a simple defensive drill that incorporates the skills off closeouts, communication, on ball defence, and help defence in a competitive situation.

Behind the Back Passing Drills

Though not often recommended, a behind the back pass, at times, has its place. 

Shooting-Are you "Shot Ready?"

Watch the video clip of the Denver Nuggets and notice how #6, Aaron Afflalo, and #7, Al Harrington, have their hands up, their knees bent, and their feet active. Both of these athletes are ready to catch and shoot; they are both "shot ready".

Create a Break-3 on 3 Pass to Outside Player

This is a version of the popular drill "Create a Break", and will help develop both offensive and defensive transition skills as well as decision-making.

Attack the Basket-Read the Coach

Here is another fundamental drill from Renato Pasquali that involves footwork and decision-making.