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Practice Ideas

Practice Ideas

2 on 1 Inside Finishing Drill

Scoring on the inside is often taken for granted, however this can be very difficult for players particularly vs. a defender challenging the shot. 

Practicing Short Shot Clock BLOBs & SLOBs

At times during the season coaches should practice baseline out of bounds (BLOBs) and sideline out of bounds (SLOBs) plays with between 0-3 seconds and between 4-7 seconds on the clock. 

Advantage Transition Drill

Here is a good drill to work on both offensive and defensive transition, the offensive players will always have a numerical advantage and the defenders are always at a numerical disadvantage.

Numbers Rebounding Drill

This is a good rebounding drill because it requires players to move from a closeout to block-out, move from help-side to block-out and communication.

Change of Pace Dribbling-Zones

Change of pace dribble is rarely used by young players. The common strategy for the youth player is to try and beat their opponent with speed in an attempt to simply dribble away from the defender.

Inside-Out Dribble Drills

The inside-out dribble is one all players should have in their repertoire. Here is a simple way to drill multiple repetitions of the inside-out dribble.