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Practice Ideas

Practice Ideas

Change of Pace Crossover

The attached clip shows an excellent change of pace crossover by Croatian player, Andja Jelavic. When you watch the clip look for the factors described below that made the move so effective.

Shooting-1-2 Stop vs. 2 Foot Stop

Watch the jump shots taken, by two of the best female point guards in the world, Kristi Harrower, from Australia, and Celine Dumerc, from France. 

Ettiore Messina 50 Pass Drill

If you want to improve your players pivoting, passing and getting open abilities (and don't we all need to do that) here is a great, but extremely challenging, drill from the great Italian coach, Ettiore Messina.

Footwork-Under the Rope

Mike Maker, from NCAA Div. 3, Williams College, has led his team to two consecutives D-III Final 4 appearances. He uses this footwork drill to help develop the skills of starting, stopping and passing the ball.

Press Attack Principle-Circle Cut

In full-court man to man defence a run and jump or a trap is used to surprise the ball-handler in an attempt to create a turnover. To reduce the effectiveness of these defensive tactics offensive players should be taught to "circle cut".

Penetration Principles-Dive from 45

On baseline penetration players at the 45 degree angle on the weak-side should often dive to the basket, particularly if they are not good shooters. Watch this clip of the Toronto Raptors;