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Practice Ideas

Practice Ideas

Getting Open-The Lockdown

One of the more important offensive concepts players need to execute is timing.

Youth-Dribbling-Lateral Dribble Read

Here is a simple drill to help players to keep their eyes up when they are dribbling plus working on their power lay-ups, pull-up jump shots and crossover dribbles.

Ball Screen D-Van Gundy Drill

As former SuperConference presenter, and basketball analyst, Fran Fraschilla said recently "the pick and roll offence is the new motion offence".

2 on 2 Spanish Closeout Drill

A closeout is one of the most difficult skills in basketball. This drill gives the opportunity for players to get practice closing out under game-like conditions.

Combo Drill-90 in 3

90 in 3 is a passing, lay-up, and conditioning drill. The objective is to make 90 lay-ups is 3 minutes (goal will have to be adjusted for the level of play). Three balls are used in the drill.

Youth-Triangle Passing

The ability to pass the ball with either hand and using either foot as a pivot should be developed in all players. If these are taught when players are young it will set them up for greater success later.