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Practice Ideas

Practice Ideas

Youth-Shooting Game-"Buckets"

Here is a "fun" shooting game for young players. 

Passing-"Lions in the Cage"

Here is a great drill to help improve your player's skills in passing through pressure and handling trapping defences. 

Practice Ideas-Scrimmaging-Stops and Scores

During scrimmages in practices teams often aimlessly run up and down the floor with no focus. Here are two scoring systems you can use during your scrimmages to develop greater concentration.

Youth Development-Run the Circle Passing Drill

Here is a simple, fundamental drill. Divide your team into groups of 4 and each group goes to a basket with one basketball.

1 on 1 Screening Games

Here are a couple of good 1 on 1 games that will help develop understanding of screening action, as well developing both offensive and defensive abilities.

Youth Development-Push Pass

The push pass is mostly used to pass around defenders when being closely guarded. Watch the clip of Australia's Lauren Jackson passing around a Russian defender into the post.