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Practice Ideas

Practice Ideas


Click below for a video clip from San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher's "My Favorite Drills and Plays" DVD by Championship Productions.

Dribble Handoff to Ball Screen

Here are two examples of the dribble handoff to ball screen that is a part of the Mike D'Antoni "7 Seconds or Less" early offence system.


"Half-Full-Full" is a 5 on 5 full-court controlled scrimmage. The game goes to a specified number of points with one point for a basket (no 3's or 2's) and one point for a defensive stop; a foul is an automatic point. 

The Relay Pass and the Reverse Seal

Unfortunately, in basketball, only one assist may be awarded on a basket.  However, it is often the "pass that leads to the pass" that is more critical. We often refer this as a "relay pass" or a "Gretzky", the player is seeing one pass ahead, and passes to the player who will pass to the shooter.