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Practice Ideas

Practice Ideas

Dribbling-Walking Btw Legs

As young players learn to dribble the basketball they gradually learn to control the ball and to move the ball where they want.

Rebounding-Two 2 on 2 Rebounding Drills

When a shot goes up defenders must either block out or pursue the rebound immediately, doing neither is not an option. Here are two challenging rebounding drills that require great effort and intensity.

Combo Drill-3 on 3 Back to Back

Here is another good combo drill from Renato Pasquali, Technical Director for Canada Basketball.

Guards 'Rebound Down'

Rebounding often determines the outcome in basketball games. In many cases, a team may not shoot well from the perimeter but is able to secure a number of offensive rebounds resulting in easy put backs, leading to victory.

Passing-Creating Triangles

To be an effective passer, players have to understand how to creates triangles with teammates so passing lanes can be opened.  

Youth-Transition Offence-Breakout Dribble

Concept - No one in front of me-attack the basket

  1. 1. 1 on 0 - Breakout dribble