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Man to Man Full-Court

Man to Man Full-Court

Defence-Defensive Perfection Drill


Defence-Defensive Focus

In many cases, probably in most cases at higher levels of play, defensive mistakes occur because a player loses focus; not because they don't know what to do.  


Defence-"See the Ball"

A key to successful team defence is the ability of 'off-ball' defenders to maintain vision on both their check and the basketball. While it seems easy, it is not.  

Defence-Guarding at End of Quarter

When their is less than 7 seconds to go at the end of the quarter and the offensive team must go the length of the floor the goal for the defensive team is to not allow an easy shot by the offensive team.

Defensive Stance-Point Hand Down

In an ideal situation when a defender is sliding with ball-handler, the lead hand (the hand on the side the ball-handler is going) should be up and the other hand, the point hand, should be down discouraging the crossover dribble.

Full-Court Defence-Deny the Point Guard

Because many teams always have their point guard bring the ball up the floor to initiate their offence, denying the inbounds pass to the point guard can prove to be a very effective defensive strategy.