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Man to Man Half-Court

Man to Man Half-Court

Defence-Defensive Focus

In many cases, probably in most cases at higher levels of play, defensive mistakes occur because a player loses focus; not because they don't know what to do.  


Defence-"See the Ball"

A key to successful team defence is the ability of 'off-ball' defenders to maintain vision on both their check and the basketball. While it seems easy, it is not.  

Defensive Stance-Point Hand Down

In an ideal situation when a defender is sliding with ball-handler, the lead hand (the hand on the side the ball-handler is going) should be up and the other hand, the point hand, should be down discouraging the crossover dribble.

Defence-6 vs. 4 Rotation Drill

This is a great drill to work on defensive rotations and attacking penetration.

Defence-"How Far to Sag"

As players begin initially to play defense it is a natural progression to move from where they provide no defensive help to their teammates to where they eventually over help.


Ball Screen Defence-Squeeze

A common defensive strategy on ball screens is the "squeeze"; this is when the screener's defender bodies up against the screener, and allows the ball-handler's defender to go under both