1 on 1 with the Coach

Here is a 1 on 1 decision-making drill from former Technical Director for Canada Basketball, Renato Pasquali.

The drill gives the offensive player the opportunity to read a closeout and decide on to how to attack the defender; and it gives the defender the opportunity to closeout and defend a live 1 on 1 player.

O1 starts with the ball, will be defended by X1 and X2 stands just inside the key.  O1 will pass to the coach out top who, when he/she receives the pass, will dribble from swing position to swing position across the top.  As the ball is dribbled O1 breaks up and fills - keep proper spacing from the coach.  At the same X1 goes in, touches X2 hand and closes out to O1. They play 1 on 1.